Surveys and Projects

Engineering Department conducts surveys and calculations and implements projects.


Energy Saving and Audits

Energy Audits and reports recommending energy saving measures.

Systems Installation

Own highly qualified staff with experience in every type of installation.

Building Automation and Telemetering

Building Automation Sistems, domotics, remote management. Online monitoring of energy use.

Integrated Service

Preventive, corrective and legal maintenance services that meet all current legislation.

Renewable Energy Projects

Development of projects to improve building energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Quality guaranteed - every time

IRSA Instaladores Reunidos, S.A. guarantees that all its work is carried out following a management system that conforms to the International ISO 9001 Standard.

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IRSA Instaladores Reunidos, S.A. our business is the engineering and installation of energy and management systems, including air-conditioning, central heating, solar energy, hot water, water softening, water treatment, steam, natural gas, propane gas, diesel, electricity, fire prevention, building automation and domotics.

We have a long history of installing systems in Spain, all guaranteed by our quality and reliability.

We also have our own engineering department that carries out surveys and projects and we perform energy audits of any type of building or installation. We optimise installations by employing renewable energies or setting up systems designed to save energy.


  • High Voltage Electricity

  • Low Voltage Electricity

  • Air-conditioning, Building Heating Systems, Solar Power

  • Fuel Gas

  • Petroleum Products

  • Refrigeration Systems

  • Water

  • Fire Prevention Systems

  • Pressure equipment