Energy Services

Aware of the importance of energy efficiency and of cutting operation costs, IRSA Instaladores Reunidos, S.A. is also certified as an energy services company and develops energy saving projects, installs renewable energy systems and automatic building control.

Energy audits for every type of building and status reports.

Hi-tech solutions using cutting-edge products.

Telemetering of energy use and online measurement devices with alarm triggering facility.

Installation and commissioning of our own optimisation proposals.

Own in-house Engineering Department with a long experience.

Proven efficiency through metering and measurement of energy use.

We are Specialists

  • Replacement of Refrigeration Plants or Boilers with energy efficient systems.

  • Installation of Heat Recovery Systems.

  • Solar Energy. Conversion of facilities to natural gas.

  • Replacement of lighting with low energy consumption alternatives.

  • Review and improvement of heat insulation in machinery rooms and pipes.

  • Building Automation and energy use metering.

  • Setting up of operation rules and staff training.

  • Online remote management and supervision of installations.

  • Inspection of energy use and optimisation reports.

To protect the environment, to minimise the impact of any building on the surrounding environment and to work together with our customers to improve the efficiency of the facilities are some of the goals we are working towards on a daily basis.

In order to conform to the latest energy efficiency guidelines, we have committed to training our technical personnel, to having an engineering department specialised in energy saving and to the continuous development of efficiency optimisation projects.

To see the scope of our solutions, take a look at the example of the most energy efficient air-conditioning system we have installed in the new offices for the Murcia Town Planning Department.

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